12 Adobe Fonts that are giving us life 🙏🏽

We have just finished another month completely rebranding the SELECTED. digital presence. As the platform partners with a new muse and brand each month, we change the aesthetic to fit.

Digital, epic and strong was the flavour of the month with P.E NATION.

This month we paired it back and drew inspiration from Ultra Violette's GD team, playing with gradients, structured lines, varying italic intensities and retro elements. We relied heavily on Mazius Typeface (ironically not available on Adobe TypeKit), but similar effects can be achieved with Minion and the ridiculous 65 available fonts within the typeface.

We've compiled a list of the fonts we are absolutely LOVING at the moment - all available through Adobe TypeKit. This is by no means a complete list, but we find ourselves using one of these typefaces is almost every project.

Orpheus Pro


Neue Haas Grotesk




Acumin Pro

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