Tips for bangin' Instagram content 🥵

Is your brand struggling to resonate with your audience on Instagram? Do you look at your feed and let out a little sigh each time? Don’t fret - you’re not alone.

Let us break down our formula for transforming a brand’s socials.

Identify Your Audience

Who is your ideal customer? If you haven’t already, develop some brand personas - they are a pivotal part of your toolkit that allow you to slip into your customer’s shoes and determine what they really want.

I often love giving my personas names that relate to an actual person in my life - especially if this person fits the bill of the persona. List out their demographics, their online behaviour, their disposable income, what other pages they follow (brand affinities), what influencers they listen to, their aesthetic preference, the list goes on.

Aim for at least 2 personas, but don’t go too crazy. Lean on your network and reach out to people - nothing compares to actually asking a prospective consumer what they want to see more of.

Define Content Pillars

We love breaking up our client’s content into pillars, it helps us ensure we are posting a good spread of content. Let’s say we are a streetwear company, our content pillars might be: 30% UGC (user generated content), 50% product focussed, 10% pop-culture reference/meme, 10% deals/offers.

At the start of any month, we refer to these pillars and come up with a number of posts that fit within these pillars. Make sure each of your personas are linked to a proportion of your posts too!

Plan Your Grid

The entirety of your grid is so much more important than the individual posts. Ensure your grid is always looking 🔥 by planning ahead. We’ve linked our Keynote file here where we drag in the images we are looking to post over a month period. We drag them around to achieve a cohesive grid then schedule them in!

Tell a story

We all feel most connected to brands that share our personal values. It’s important to develop a brand tone of voice that connects best with the personas you established in point 1. Above all, PROVIDE VALUE to your customer base.

How do your personas talk? Do they need more information about your product? Do you need to come across as knowledgable or fun-loving?

Drive traffic

Once you’re happy with your brand identity, aesthetic and your grid is looking HOT, it’s time to start driving traffic to your page. Get in touch with Northbrook or a similar agency to run some ads for you, seek our PR opportunities from similar pages, post stories, ask consumers questions, create viral and sharable content… the list goes on.

Want to level up your content, social and advertising game? Get in touch.

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