How to get luckier as a creative

I got asked last week by a younger photographer “how do you land these clients? Did you just get lucky?”. I've dwelled on this a lot. 

I regularly find myself in positions where I’m expressing gratitude for the chance to work with certain people or clients. Almost just as often I find myself saying ‘gosh if only your younger self could see what folder names are in your Dropbox”.

Before starting Northbrook with the guys, I was a freelance content creator. I shot massive music festivals, beauty, fashion, luxury - I got a bit lucky. Yet, in retrospect, and after reading the great Grant Cardone’s ‘The 10X Rule’, I’ve come to realise that it wasn’t just luck. So, in a bid to help other freelancers become luckier, here are my thoughts.

Luck is often perceived as something out of your control. As a freelancer I’ve often found that luck can be simplified to the following formula:

Preparation + Opportunity = Luck


You absolutely can control preparation. Education, mindset, practice, and investment in the correct gear are all things that you can impact.

The amazing resources that are available free of charge (or for a very small fee) on the internet to help you hone your craft, is astounding. The amount of inspiration I find from creatives across the world daily continues to push me to be a better creative.

Preparing and investing in yourself is also super important. Read books, listen to podcasts, continue to be a sponge sucking up as much information as possible.


Opportunity is almost as important as preparation. Generate opportunities that count through networking, consistency and branding yourself. Instagram is your portfolio - make it pop.

Ultimately, there will be few jobs you rock up to where someone won’t say “Oh I know you from the job you did with XX” or “XX speaks very highly of you, today is going to be fun!”.

When you book a job, overdeliver. Always. Then ask for a referral. Stay in touch and fonder the relationship. Nothing compares to a glowing review from a trustworthy friend or contact.

You are not behind. There are others in the same position as you right now. If you’re a photographer there are up and coming models, make up artists, stylists who would be itching to book a test shoot with you. Slide into some DMs and make shit happen.

Drop us a message with how you best network and create your own luck.

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