Micro boosting: What is it and should I do it?

Does this sound familiar? You have a stunning image sitting in your camera roll. You can’t wait for the Instagram world to see your visual masterpiece with a witty caption to match. You post. The likes trickle in. Slowly. Too slowly.

None of your followers seem to be seeing the image, let alone those who don’t follow you. Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with a simple yet effective way to be seen on Insta. Enter micro boosting.

Micro boosting is allocating small amounts of money to your organic posts to ensure they’re seen by more people, get more engagement and grow your following. It can be as small as $10-$15, $50, even more if you want! In essence, micro boosting turns your organic in-feed post into an ad that will pop up on the newsfeed of whoever you please. This could be your target audience, people who are similar to your followers, all people in your city between the ages of 15-42 with dogs named Cooper, you get the idea.

Micro boosting is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of paid advertising, and an easy avenue to drive traffic to your Instagram profile (gain followers), your website (buy a product). The entire process can be set up in a couple of seconds right in the Instagram app. With $25-30 dollars you can have your post viewed by 25k-35k people. Give it a go with a couple of posts and see how you see those follows flow in.

Once you’ve tried micro boosting on a couple of posts, you can always boost a good performing post again. If it works (gains followers, gets great engagement) then run it again! Also learn and iterate from content that resonates with your audience.

If you need a hand designing potential targeting for your boosted posts, or just want to learn more about paid social advertising - get in touch!

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